Specialized Tri-Lobe Pumps for Fluid Transfer Applications

FTS-Series Pumps

FTS150: 1.5” Flow Rates up to 105 GPM
FTS200: 2” Flow Rates up to 180 GPM

  • Continuous Dry-Run Capable
  • Self-Priming & High Suction Lift
  • Stationary & Mobile Applications
  • Reversible Flow

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FTS150/FTS200 pumps are made from cast aluminum and equipped with FNPT connections. The FTS200 pump can accomodate a 4-bolt flange connection. The carbon-steel shafts can be coated with chrome and the pump chambers can be anodized for additional corrosion resistance.

The pumps produce equivalent performance in either the forward or reverse directions – just reverse the bypass direction and shaft rotation.

The Features You Need, The Performance You Require

  • Dry Run Capable: Pump runs dry without damage.
  • Reversible Flow: Can be operated bi-directionally.
  • Tri-Lobed Rotors: The innovative and patented Tri-lobe rotors reduce energy consumption, noise, and friction while increasing flow and efficiency. Each lobe in our Tri-lobe design is packed with three spring-loaded blades for maximum vacuum and flow performance.
  • Reversible Full-flow Bypass: Reversible full-flow bypass design allows full circulation of the fluid in the pump chamber when it is in bypass mode.

Multiple Power Options

  • Electric Motor: Our smaller pumps and motors can be commonly run on a 115 Volt Single Phase outlet. Higher HP Models will run on 230/460V dual voltage.
  • Engine-Drive: Our engine-driven pump skids provide the ultimate performance in remote locations. Speed control on these units allow for a wide range of flows.
  • Air Motor: Designed for heavy-duty applications where high air volumes are required.
    This model is the perfect alternative for applications currently using air-operated double diaphragm pumps that are less dependable and expensive to repair.
  • Hydraulic Motor: Our hydraulic motor-driven transfer skids are designed for truck
    mounted applications. Flow control and easy installation makes these models an attractive solution.