About Liquiflo-FTS

Liquiflo Equipment Company is a division of Picut Industries, a privately owned conglomerate of companies that produces precision products for the chemical, aerospace, automotive, electronics and commercial manufacturing industries. Since 1972, LIQUIFLO has led the field in engineered pumps designed to meet customer needs for metering, circulation, and transfer of process fluids. Our pumps provide high reliability for handling difficult services, including high-temperature, low-flow and indefinite dry-running. The benefits to the customer include increased uptime, high operational effectiveness, and less frequent service requirements. LIQUIFLO solutions are at work in pump installations in every industrial process: chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, water and wastewater treatment, hydrocarbon processing, mining, textiles, fertilizers, adhesives and coatings, iron and steel, metal finishing and a host of OEM applications. Please visit www.Liquiflo.com for more information.

Liquiflo recently acquired Dixon Pumps and the Parker-Hannifin FTS pump line to create the new Liquiflo FTS line of dry-run fluid transfer pumps.

Dixon Pumps has produced continuously dry runnable lobe gear pumps up to 2″ in size since 1988 with thousands of pumps operating trouble-free in the field. They also developed mobile systems including fluid transfer carts, filtration systems and tank cleaning units, all incorporating the unique features of the pump. These systems continue to be known for reliability, quality, and effectiveness.

Through a collaboration with Dixon Pumps, the design was improved by Parker to include a centrifugal impeller for larger 3″ and 4″ pumps. This greatly reduced cavitation and increased suction and lifting capability all while maintaining the ability to continuously dry run – a claim no other positive displacement pump can make. Hundreds of systems in the US and Canada are used to pump fluids with the most difficult requirements, including high vapor pressure and high suction applications.

Today, the Liquiflo FTS pumps are used around the world in countless applications, and its products are relied on across a range of industries to get the job done. Please contact us or visit www.Liquiflo.com/FTS if you would like more information.