FTS-Series Pumps

Fluid Transfer Carts with 1.5″ & 2″ Pumps

2-Wheel Carts – 1.5″ & 2″ Pumps

Flow Rates up to 120 GPM

Our 2-Wheel mobile transfer carts are often used to fill totes or drums from a larger tank, using the mobility of the unit to move easily from one tank to another. Typical fluids: Fuels, Oils, Lubes, Anti-freeze, Petroleum Contact Water (PCW), Transmission Fluid

Available in both Explosion-Proof and Non-Explosion-Proof models

The Explosion-Proof model is designed for use in explosive environments
(U.L. /C.S.A., CLASS 1. DIVISION 1. GROUP D, CLASS 2, GROUP F AND G). All models are intended for handling petroleum fluids (including diesel, bio-diesel and most lubricants).


  • Dry-Run durability means no priming necessary – just turn on the pump!
  • Full flow in either forward or reverse direction.
  • Light-weight aluminum housings make this unit easier to move around, through doorways and into hard-to-reach areas in and on top of buildings.
  • Drip containment and Accessory Tubes system for keeping things clean
    and organized.

Options & Accessories – for 2-Wheel Carts

Hose and Nozzle KIT Recommended: 

Hose and Nozzle Kit includes: (1) 10 ft. Outlet Hose, (1) 10 ft. Inlet Hose, (1) Manual Discharge Nozzle w/ 1.5” Male Camlock Fitting & (1) 3 ft. Suction Drop Pipe w/ 1.5” Male Camlock Fitting

Use ORDER # 95-150506 to order kit. Items may also be purchased separately: For other lengths, please see Products Accessories



  • Inlet (suction) Hose with FxF Camlock fittings:
    (available in 10, 20 and 30 ft lengths)
    Part #: 95-11070-10
  • Outlet (discharge) Hose with FXF Camlock fittings:
    (available in 10, 20 and 30 ft lengths
    Part #: 95-11070-10
  • Suction drop pipe with Bung Adapter:
    (available w/ 1.5” or 2” Male Camlock fitting)
    Part #: 95-10260
  • 1.5 inch manual discharge nozzle:
    (available w/ 1.5” or 2” Inlet Male Camlock fitting)
    Part #: 95-10020
  • Allows for connection to tank or other container
  • Allows for connection to tank or liquid source
  • Connects to hose end for filling/emptying container
  • Suitable for filling totes and containers.

Our 2-Wheel Cart Systems can also be equipped with precision and custody meters. 

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