We have received very positive feedback on FTS

My experience with the Liquiflo FTS team has been outstanding.  We have spoken very highly of the folks at Liquiflo FTS and the level of service in which you all have provided.  The experience is superior to other manufacturers that we’ve dealt with in the past.  We are now exploring options to replace the pump in our other offload lanes. I have recommended with moving forward with the Liquiflo FTS pump and their team of experienced individuals.

Craig Celestino

Terminal Manager, Marathon Petroleum Company

My experience with Liquiflo FTS has been very good.  Your lead times have been great, your tech support people are VERY good and your products have been very reliable.  My experience with Liquiflo FTS up to this point has been excellent, I’m hoping nothing changes and all of our future business dealings go as good as the past ones.

Ted Soffe

Project Manager, Westech Equipment

I have nothing but praise for the Liquiflo FTS team and product. Thus far the product has performed just like we were told, but the strongest point is the support. You are always there for us when we have questions. We expect things to really take off now that the 4” pump is out. Looking forward to a very bright future.

Bill Smith

VP Sales / Bus.Dev. , Knighten Industries, Inc

We really appreciate all of your efforts and how quickly you responded. I intend to go forward with Liquiflo FTS pumps for additional projects.

Sam Schupbach

General Manager-Utica Ops , Mark West Energy Partners

We really appreciate your efforts and we will not forget what you did for us.

Matt Francy

Head Mechanical, Mark West Energy Partners

You have been very helpful and responsive to get me and the engineering team taken care of to use the units on a stationary Aviation Fueling Skid. The support you have offered has been stellar. It has been quick and very service oriented, I appreciate that very much. I am still very excited about this system and our relationship. I have been very pleased with the support we have received from you. I look forward to this setting us apart in the Aviation Refueling Industry.

Brian Lacher

Project Engineer/Fuel Farm Specialist , Wabash National