FTS-Series Pumps

Tank Cleaning with 1.5″ Pumps

Flow Rates up to 35 GPM

When storage tanks are affected by fuel additives or age, fuel quality suffers and the best way to address the problem is to clean our debris, sludge and grime from the floor and walls of the tank. The TCU can be transported easily and can be moved quickly from tank to tank, even in tight spaces. Applications include: storage tanks for rental facilities, fleet service centers, filling stations and emergency gen-sets.

No Accessories Supplied for Tank Cleaning Systems.
Must be purchased separately.

Model Code Selector – Tank Cleaning Systems

The Liquiflo Tank Cleaning Unit (TCU) is a complete mobile tank cleaning and fuel filtration solution for cleaning underground and aboveground storage tanks with up to 30,000 gallons storage capacity. The TCU provides a full 360⁰ cleaning of the entire internal surface area of the tank walls, and filtering the contaminated product inside the dirty tank. This eliminates product loss due to contamination.

The TCU is designed for use in explosive environments (U.L. /C.S.A., CLASS 1. DIVISION 1. GROUP D, CLASS 2, GROUP F AND G) and is intended for handling petroleum fluids (including gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel and most lubricants), and cleaning solvents.


  • Water Removal: Removes damaging water helping to control microbial growth in tanks. The two-stage 8″ aluminum housing uses a 6”x18” coalescer filter and 7” water separator to meet engine manufacturer’s purity standards. Coalescing and water separation efficiently removes water from fuel.
  • Particulate Removal The aluminum bag filter housing can pre-filter particulate down to .5 microns and the coalescer down to 3 microns for fine contaminate removal. The combination provides optimal liquid filtration capable of meeting today’s stringent ISO specifications.
  • Tank Cleaning: Not only can the TCU filter fluid, it can also clean the tank. Pairing the system with a tank cleaning nozzle allows for non-manned entry tank cleaning for above-ground and under-ground storage tanks. The system is designed to operate either the Gamma Jet GJ9.2 (2” access) or GJ10 (4” access) tank cleaning nozzles helping remove contaminants and breaks up dirt and sludge, allowing for extraction using the TCU filters to minimize valuable product loss.
  • Dry-Run durability – No priming necessary – just turn on the pump! 
  • Light-weight aluminum housings make this unit easier to move around, through doorways and into hard-to-reach areas in and on top of buildings.
  • Differential gauges for bag filter and coalescer housing indicate when filters need to be changed out.
  • Pressure gauge for real-time jet head pressure reading.
  • Water sight indicator showing water content in coalescer housing.
  • Grounding Reels for safe grounding of the unit.
  • Housing drains for draining of the system for transportation.
  • Emergency stop switch makes it easy to shut down the system in a hurry.
  • Ground rod for use when additional grounding is necessary.
  • Drip containment and Accessory Tubes system for keeping things clean and organized.
  • Available in Explosion-Proof model ONLY.

TANK CLEANING SYSTEMS (Explosion-Proof) Components

Options & Accessories – Tank Cleaning Systems

TANK CLEANING ACCESSORIES Recommended: items may also be purchased separately



  • Debris Suction Drop Pipe with 2″ bung – 7 ft:
  • Remove debris at bottom of tank before cleaning
  • Fluid suction drop pipe with 2″ bung – 7 ft
  • Connects to hose end for filling/emptying tank
  • Gama Jet Spray Assembly with 2″ bung
    (available in 2″ and 4″ sizes)
  • Removes debris and clean inside tank surface


Standard FTS Kit includes: (1) 10 ft. Outlet Hose, (1) 10 ft. Inlet Hose, (1) Manual Discharge Nozzle w/ 1.5” Male Camlock Fitting & (1) 3 ft. Suction Drop Pipe w/ 1.5” Male Camlock Fitting

Use ORDER # 95-150506 to order FTS150 Standard Kit. Items may also be purchased separately: For other lengths, please see Order Tab.



  • Inlet (suction) Hose with FxF Camlock fittings:
    (available in 10, 20 and 30 ft lengths)
    Part #: 95-11070-10
  • Outlet (discharge) Hose with FXF Camlock fittings:
    (available in 10, 20 and 30 ft lengths
    Part #: 95-11070-10
  • Suction drop pipe with Bung Adapter:
    (available w/ 1.5” or 2” Male Camlock fitting)
    Part #: 95-10260
  • 1.5 inch manual discharge nozzle:
    (available w/ 1.5” or 2” Inlet Male Camlock fitting)
    Part #: 95-10020
  • Allows for connection to tank or other container
  • Allows for connection to tank or liquid source
  • Connects to hose end for filling/emptying container
  • Suitable for filling totes and containers.

FILTRATION ACCESSORIES: items may also be purchased separately



  • Bag Filters:
    (available in 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 micron mesh)
  • Removes particulates and solids from line
  • Cartridge Filters:
    (available in pleated paper or pleated microglass in various mesh sizes)
  • Removes particulates and solids from line
  • Stainless Steel baskets:
  • Removes larger solids from line
  • Coalescing cartridge filters:
  • Removes particulates and coalesce water into large water drops
  • Water Separator Filters:
  • Remove water from line
  • Fuel Testing Kits:
  • Detects presence of water and microbial growth
  • Spill Containment Kits:
    (absorbant materials and containment vessels of various sizes)
  • Containment of fluid spills

Our Tank Cleaning Systems can also be equipped with precision and custody meters.

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