Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps
316 SS, Alloy-C, Alloy-20 & Titanium
Sealed & Mag-Drive

Liquiflo gear pumps are manufactured from high-alloy materials such as 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy-C and Titanium, and a variety of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant internal materials. Liquiflo gear pumps can be configured with packingsingle or double mechanical seals or magnetic-drive. These options allow Liquiflo gear pumps to be specially engineered to handle many difficult chemicals – such as polymers, solvents, acids, caustics or other corrosive liquids – over a wide range of viscosity, pressure and temperature. Liquiflo gear pumps are typically used for metering, circulation, transfer and injection applications.

Liquiflo Gear Pumps are available with several ancillary options and accessories. These include temperature control jackets, gear reducers, variable speed drives, air motors, relief valves, repair kits, replacement cartridges and base plate mounting. All Liquiflo gear pump models are available in close-coupled configuration. This feature makes installation quick and easy, since it eliminates the need for manual alignment of the pump and motor, and pump lifetimes are significantly extended since perfect pump-motor alignment is guaranteed.

Liquiflo produces six separate series of gear pumps: H-Series, 3-Series, Poly-Guard® or P-Series, Max®-Series,
and 2-Series. Each series includes several models in order to suit your particular flow rate.


316 SS & Alloy-C
Sealed & Mag-Drive

Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Pump
Flows up to 55 GPM

  • Flows up to 55 GPM
  • Differential Pressures up to 225 PSI
  • Viscosities from 0.3 to 100,000+ cP
  • 316 SS or Alloy-C Basic Construction
  • Packing, Single Mechanical Seal, Double Mechanical Seal or Mag-Drive
  • Closed-Coupled or Long-Coupled
  • 12 Models Offered

The H-Series Gear Pumps were designed as an upgrade to Liquiflo’s original 3-Series. With similar outside dimensions and capacities, the H-Series incorporates larger diameter shafts and bearings, allowing them to handle higher pressures with extended service life. H-Series pumps are available in Sealed and Mag-Drive versions with flows up to approximately 55 GPM and differential pressures up to 225 PSI with 300 PSI possible on some models.

H-Series Sealed Pumps Long-Coupled