FTS-Series Pumps

FTS300: 3” Flow Rates up to 320 GPM
FTS400: 4” Flow Rates up to 600 GPM

  • Continuous Dry-Run Capable
  • Self-Priming & High Suction Lift
  • Lowest NPSHr in its class
  • Resistant to Cavitation
  • Reversible Flow

The Liquiflo’s FTS-Pumps achieve their signature high performance and efficiency through the use of a highly engineered boost stage, providing a significant performance increase in the primary flow direction, offering a pumping solution for stationary, mobile, and high vapor-pressure fluid applications.

The FTS300/FTS400 pumps are made from anodized aluminum and equipped with 150 lb flanges. The carbon-steel shafts are coated with chrome for corrosion resistance. They are rated for nominal operation at motor speed and can be directly coupled to the motor. A VFD for speed and direction control is recommended.

Unique Two-stage Design
The first stage centrifugal impeller provides an effective boost to the suction capability of the second-stage positive displacement lobe pump. This particular design allow the FTS-Series pumps to resist cavitation while delivering high-volume flow even when pumping fluids with high vapor pressure. This design enables the pump to generate high lift, and allows the pump to run dry for extended periods of time between wetted cycles.

Multiple Power Options

  • Electric Motor: Typically run on 3-Phase 230/460V systems with VFD for control over a wide range of flows.
  • Hydraulic Motor: Designed for truck mounted applications where space and weight are constrained.